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OEDNA Analogy

Organic Technology an analogy.


Organic technology takes information about the purpose of an event, let us say create a garden.  There is base information about what type of garden, who is involved and where it will be located that will be gathered during the life time of the event.


As the information about the event is gathered the seeds begin to plant themselves.  Each seed knows when it is to be planted and how it is to be taken care of.  In addition each master gardener can add their local knowledge to the growth process.  The seeds can require additional information to be gathered.  The seeds together create the proper mix of herbicides, pesticides, plant food, water and maintenance that all the seeds can tolerate and grow to their maximum potential.  Should there be a problem with the herbicide, pesticide, food, water and maintenance the seed or seeds affected will be properly identified so that adjustments can be made.  Should this conflict not be resolved the garden ceases in its creation process and all participants are informed accordingly.  The seeds know which gardeners should be taking care to them and are appropriately involved during the growth of the seeds with weeds being professionally removed.  The end result being a garden tailored to the purpose for those involved in the location desired.


Organic technology allows the master gardener to plant many gardens for a wide range of people and organizations with confidence without the fear of collateral damage to the gardener or the participants in the garden events.

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