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An organic event is the perfect fulfilment process for legal, economic and policy requirements of the need without having to predetermine what the process will be.

An organic event is like a garden, seeds are planted and cared for and a garden is formed.  The garden is organic because the plants are organic.  The gardener knows what the plants will be when grown but never has to worry about how it is done.  Creation occurs naturally, never forced or contrived and the outcome is unique. The elements or the event are organic.


  1. Definition of organic (adj)
    Bing Dictionary
  • or·gan·ic
  • [ awr gánnik ]
  1. of living things: relating to, derived from, or characteristic of living things
  1. developing naturally: occurring or developing gradually and naturally, without being forced or contrived
  1. intrinsic: forming a basic and inherent part of something and largely responsible for its identity or makeup
    Synonyms: carbon-based · biological · living · animate · animal · plant
  1. Definition of apparatus (n)
    Bing Dictionary
  • ap·pa·ra·tus
  • [ àppə ráttəss ]
  1. equipment: a piece of machinery, a tool, or a device used for a specific purpose
  1. system allowing something to function: the system or structure in which a process occurs or an organization functions
  2. system of organs: a group or system of organs that work together to perform a specific function
    Synonyms: device · gadget · gear · tackle · kit · contraption · machine · tool

An organic apparatus is attached to elements that transform normal elements into organic elements.  The apparatus has sensors that are responsive to data from the DNA structure and have a life based upon the digested data.


This allows elements to easily become part of the organic event without the element needing to be re-defined.

  1. Definition of library (n)
    Bing Dictionary
  • li·brar·y
  • [ l brèrree ]
  1. place where books are kept: a room, building, or institution where a collection of books or other research materials is kept
  2. collection of things: a collection of books, newspapers, records, tapes, or other materials that are valuable for research
  1. collection of software: a collection of things for use on a computer, e.g. programs or diskettes, or a collection of routines or instructions used by a computer program
    Synonyms: public library · lending library · reference library · reading room

Organic element libraries are like seed catalogs.  There are many varieties of seeds and suppliers of those seeds.  The seed catalogs give the gardener many options for gardens to plant and harvest.  Gardeners without seed catalogs must work far harder with less result.  The library of organic elements include forms, issues, data helpers, outputs, scripts and math calculations ready for assisting in organic event creation.

  1. Definition of digestion (n)
    Bing Dictionary
  • di·ges·tion
  • [ dī jéschən ]
  1. processing of food in body: the breaking down of foodstuffs in the body into a form that can be absorbed and used or excreted
  2. ability to digest food: the ability to process food in the body into a form that can be absorbed and used or excreted
  1. ability to absorb ideas: the ability to think about something and come to understand or appreciate what it means, or the process of doing so
    Synonyms: ingestion · absorption · incorporation · breakdown · assimilation

Digestion of data is the energy that sustains Organic Events. For elements to survive, grow and thrive in an organic event there must be data.  Data placed within the DNA structure will be digested to create the energy for the elements that need to come into existence, be modified or removed from the event.  The data gives life to the event that awaken elements which is equivalent to seeds being planted, cared for and grown to their natural state.  When the data stops flowing and growth ceases and the organic event ends.

  1. Definition of stimulate (v)
    Bing Dictionary
  • stim·u·late
  • [ stímmyə làyt ]
  1. encourage something: to encourage something such as an activity or a process so that it will begin, increase, or develop
  1. make somebody interested: to cause somebody to become interested in or excited about something
  2. cause body part to respond: to cause physical activity in something such as a nerve or an organ

As data is digested it stimulates the organic elements of the event and in the libraries to cohesively assemble the event.  Data is like plant food that picks and nourishes the seeds to make a properly developed garden. This insures that all elements are properly formed before they become usable in the event.

  1. Definition of synthesize (v)
    Bing Dictionary
  • syn·the·size
  • [ sínthə sz ]
  1. combine various components into new whole: to combine different ideas, influences, or objects into a new whole, or be combined in this way
  1. produce substance by chemical process: to produce a substance or material by chemical or biological synthesis
  2. produce music electronically: to produce music using an electronic synthesizer
    Synonyms: manufacture · create · make · produce

The organic event becomes a "new whole".  It is the synthesis of the digested data entered into the DNA structure that causes organic elements to be introduced and shaped in the organic event.  The seeds, types and quantities to form the perfect garden.  The organic elements are forms, issues, scripts, outputs, data helpers, work flow and roles.  The organic event is the synthesis of the data and elements.

  1. Definition of respond (v)
    Bing Dictionary
  • re·spond
  • [ ri spónd ]
  1. provide answer: to say or write something in reply
  1. react: to act or do something in reaction to something else
  1. have positive medical reaction: to react positively to medical treatment
    Synonyms: reply · answer · retort · answer back · rejoin · return

The response is always pre-finalization rather than a post response.  Always preventative never corrective. This actionable response makes the organic event to be properly defined within the unique circumstances of the event.

  1. Definition of cohesive (adj)
    Bing Dictionary
  • co·he·sive
  • [ kō hssiv ]
  1. unified: sticking, holding, or working together as a united whole
    Synonyms: unified · consistent · solid · interconnected · organized · interrelated

The elements of an event are cohesive, they work together. The forms are the seeds that get planted and the mixture of seeds are unified to create a united whole. The forms, seeds, are cohesive as a mixture, with the environment and the persons responsible for their nurture and growth.

  1. Definition of assemble (v)
    Bing Dictionary
  • as·sem·ble
  • [ ə sémb'l ]
  1. put components together: to fit the parts of something together to make a finished whole
  1. collect together: to bring people or things together, or gather together in one place
    Synonyms: bring together · draw together · collect · pull together · accumulate · amass

The organic elements are assembled together to create a cohesive event.  The event is defined by the assembled elements.  The DNA structure insures that only the appropriate elements are gathered to be assembled into an event.  Knowing that every event is properly formed without having to be pre-defined reduces administrative tasks and duties dramatically.  Regardless of complexity the event will be properly assembled through time into the event that is needed.  The garden is a result of the seeds planted.  Each garden is unique and yields what it should

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